#566 – Sick
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Most popular so far…

For Minimumble’s 7 month anniversary I decided to take a look and see what is the most popular strips so far! 10. Corded. I just did this yesterday! My ears! 9. Update. A nice relaxing day at work. 8. Tabbed. It’s actually been long enough that I don’t remember what Friendster looked like. 7. Mathmatical! Adventure Time is my happy place. Jake the dog, Finn the human and Beemo! 6. Mist. I don’t go to movie theaters as much as I used to. 5. Baker. Doctor Who was always a favorite TV show of mine as a kid. I’m still amazed at its recent revival. 4. Collision. The Higgs Boson is very tiny but the Hugs Bison is very soft. 3. Wait. Website amnesia. It’s coming soon… for you. 2. Smile. Facebook has a lot of traditions that I don’t participate in. 1. Cam. I still hear people ask “Where is my video phone?” It’s been here this whole time!

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