#57 – Cam

I stand at my desk. I have a laptop off to my side at about waist high and a second monitor in front of me. Whenever I do some sort of video chat I use the camera built in to the laptop. Consequently the people I’m chatting with see the side of my head and the ceiling. For some reason this makes people uneasy.

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3 thoughts on “#57 – Cam”

  1. kingklash says:

    That’s why Pee Wee Heman had those backdrops for his Picture-Phone.

  2. Matt says:

    In the years to come that oddly selective field of tidiness will come to be known as The Skype Zone.

  3. Vicki says:

    I wouldn’t do this with friends or family but have been known to create a similar “oddly selective field of tidiness” for video interviews. (Specifically, I attached a curtain rod to the ceiling behind me so I can hang a curtain.)

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