#108 – Overtime

I’ve only had one job at a large company. I unfortunately understand 99% more office working jobs than I ever did before. Having upwards of 6 managers on any one project will crack the strongest of wills.

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4 thoughts on “#108 – Overtime”

  1. kingklash says:

    If half the horror stories of cubicle life are true, I’m glad my art gallery job is fairly sedate, even factoring in dyspeptic customers.

  2. pbarnrob says:

    JPL for a while used (maybe even still do, in some areas) Matrix Management. You have a technical manager for a project (maybe more than one), and an administrative manager for the rest of the usual stuff. Run by CalTech, the Lab decided to skip the NASA bureaucracy, rather, creating its own version, almost as stultifying in its own way.

  3. rhaphazard says:

    Can’t tell if this is a joke about micro managing or just managers in general.

  4. Extraneous says:

    Worst thing’s when two different managers want you to do different things at the same time, and instead of talking to each other they ask you to pass the messages across. Spent pretty much the whole day running across the office. Admittedly, in hindsight that was probably more entertaining than either of the jobs I would have had to have done…

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