#137 – Peeler

The first kid to invent this technique must have been very popular. I liked to take it halfway up my arm and see if I could peel it off in one piece. Strangely I don’t recall a teacher ever interfering with this activity.

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9 thoughts on “#137 – Peeler”

  1. Jimbo says:

    Oh man, I remember doing this.

  2. ZeoViolet says:

    I did this! It felt so weird.

  3. I did this as well.

    I so interested in the fascinating patterns and whorls of our skin. This technique actually made me run off and read up on finger-printing, at one point.

  4. bitflung says:

    i recall doing this weeks after a sunburn to help peel everything in a more satisfying single sheet. it was only moderately successful.

    1. kingklash says:

      Do like I do in similar situations, start by rubbing your nose up against a rock, then slowly wriggle your way out, turning the shedding skin inside out as you go.

  5. Taurin says:

    Mummy skin! I think everyone did that.

  6. Sean from Canada says:

    I remember one inventive kid who used a cleverly arranged rubber band to simulate sneezing all over his hand. I could never duplicate the way he arranged the rubber band (despite seeing it) but I did find that rubber cement works even better to gross other out…

  7. Isa8el Serket says:

    This is also useful in removing paint.

  8. Nivlac says:

    There were kids in my elementary classes that did this, but most of us had more fun using markers to entirely ink some surface (like a pencil box or part of the metal desk cubby) then cover it in glue to dry. We made lots of these colored sheets before parents complained about us using so much glue in class.

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