#154 – Networking

I only know LinkedIn as that weird place that people I used to know keep “inviting” me to. The invitation email is followed by 30 or 40 “reminder” emails with an increasing number of exclamation points. It’s one of those websites that I never use but have a hard time forgetting that it exists.

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3 thoughts on “#154 – Networking”

  1. pbarnrob says:

    Although there are some interesting things and groups there, I also get way too many spams and scams claiming to be from LinkedIn.

    ALWAYS hover over any links in your emails, and carefully scrutinize the actual URL at the bottom of your screen; that’s how nasty malware gets us!

    1. kingklash says:

      True dat! No matter what you have on your machine to protect yourself, you can’t beat just being on your toes.

  2. Xindaris says:

    True story: I’ve never gotten a virus on my computer that wasn’t a direct result of me being dumb.

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