#181 – Streaming

I will occasionally find myself outside at 4AM walking the dog one last time before bed. She likes to take her time and check out all the smells before doing her thing. I’ve been tempted to do it myself while standing around waiting for her. It’s my back yard… it’s really late… I don’t think anyone can see me…

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9 thoughts on “#181 – Streaming”

  1. Erimore says:

    Go for it. I won’t tell.

  2. Here’s a handy trick if the neighbors’ animals have been marking your yard: fill a container with your own urine and pour it on the corners of your property. Dogs and cats both will recognize that a much larger carnivore than themselves is marking the territory, and they’ll back off.

    The only downside (?) is that your mailbox post smells like your own pee.

    1. Chris says:

      “fill a container with your own urine and pour it”
      Aww, that takes all the fun out of it.

      1. Yes, but it also allows you to do it during broad daylight with neighbors out and about. “This is just a mixture of fertilizer and pet repellant. Don’t mind me.”

  3. samuel says:

    what can not be seen, can not not be unseen

  4. andy says:

    That my cartoonist friends is the benefit of lots of shrubbery in the back yard. You really can get away with letting both yourself and the dog

  5. kingklash says:


  6. pbarnrob says:

    Just came across a photo on F*Book; look for ‘R2Pee2’ (on the curb)!

  7. Zarno says:

    When I’m at my friends place and we’re working on car stuff at 3:00 am, the space betwixt the neighbors fence and the garage is the leak zone.

    In the woods on a hike, every tree is good for me.

    We leave the other stuff for bears.

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