#247 – Sneak

Our dog is not allowed in the kitchen but she will stretch that boundary as far as she can until you turn and look at her. If I’m home alone with her and take a shower, I’ll come out to find her JUST leaving that area with a suspicious look on her face. I’m sure she is formulating her plan, checking for weaknesses and someday we’ll turn around to find the entire house covered in garbage.

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3 thoughts on “#247 – Sneak”

  1. Jason says:

    Our old dog, when I was a child, wasn’t allowed on the couch. My mother would scold him if she found him on the couch, and he was afraid of mom. So when she would go to the bathroom to take a shower, he’d watch as she closed the door and then jumped up on the couch. As soon as he heard the door handle twist he’d jump down and look all innocent. One time he didn’t see that she had left the door just a little open so that she didn’t have to turn the door handle to open the door. He promptly jumped up on the couch, and my mom came out of the bathroom and caught him.

  2. kingklash says:

    The only time I ever saw a dog get really excited over garbage was when my sister’s wirehair terrier, Killer, started barking at the kitchen can. I went to see, because he was using his “On The Hunt” bark, and saw a mouse scrambling around, trying to escape. I opened the back door, let Killer out, and took the trash can out and laid it on it’s side. the mouse darted out, and the dog had a great time chasing it. He caught it, then flipped it back over his shoulder, so he could chase it some more. After that, my sister said he would sniff around the can, hoping another mouse would be in there again.

  3. pbarnrob says:

    SO much adventure and exciting goodies, all packed in one place! And the extra pizzazz of the Forbidden Fruit Factor!

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