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Remembering the names of people in movies and TV used to be such a chore. People would commonly carry large trivia books with them to parties in order to settle arguments before the turned into fist fights. Now we can all look up the answers before the conversation starts and continue to avoid eye contact.

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6 thoughts on “#279 – IMDB”

  1. DanO says:

    I just Facetime to parties these days… but i make sure i still don’t make eye contact.

  2. Dan says:

    During hurricane Sandy, the power went out for a week…my family actually started talking to each other, playing games with each other, I took up knitting and some leftover hobbies ( the boredom was exasperating)….

  3. twilightfairy says:

    Even with a smart phone i still can’t figure out who acted in what cause i forget the name of the movie. Quick google what was the name of that movie with that fight with the guns..

    I am so terrible at short term memory.

    1. das-g says:

      I know I’m kinda late with this information, but that’d be “People Shooting Each Other With GunsThe Movie“.

  4. ZeoViolet says:

    I prefer to read Uncle John’s.

  5. kingklash says:

    Then you blow your mind when you realize that maybe the actor you’re thinking of might just be on the toilet looking up another actor the same time you are.

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