#347 – Shock

Why did Kevin throw the clock out the window?

Kevin is a jerk. He’s always doing things like that. Don’t leave him alone in your room for more than a few minutes.

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6 thoughts on “#347 – Shock”

  1. Morris Keesan says:

    Sorry, my inner 12-year-old can’t resist:
    Kevin wanted to see time fly.

    1. Saul says:

      Most Underrated Comment Award goes to…. MORRIS KEESAN! CONGRATS MORRIS.

  2. boog says:

    The clock lost track of time, which is a bad habit for a clock to have.

  3. kingklash says:

    Still awake at that hour? That clock is going to have a hard time getting up in the morning.

    1. onexused says:

      Or waking up already, perhaps.

  4. Rhiakath says:

    Seriously, who is Kevin? And what did he do to you? 😀

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