#415 – Cold

Many years ago people would take on the name of their profession. We don’t do that anymore but sometimes they batch up anyway. A recent favorite was a dentist named “Dr. Pain”.

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12 thoughts on “#415 – Cold”

  1. jammit says:

    My family doctor for the longest time was Dr. Kinsey. Kinsey sounds a lot like “Ken Shee”, which means sword master in Japanese.
    In the Army I met a Sgt. Green, a Lt. Colonel (Colonel was the family name, not the rank), a Pvt Pile (not Pyle. Close) and Sgt. Buddy (“I need to talk to my Sgt Buddy”. “He’s not your buddy, he’s a professional”. “No, really. His name is Buddy”)

    1. kingklash says:

      Not too long ago, I read an old Reader’s Digest “Humor In Uniform” item from a Mrs. Empey, whose daughter was an MP. Apparently, a lot of the base personnel liked to say “MP Empey.”

  2. Switchlord says:

    I I had an oral surgeon named Dr. Ripp as a kid. It was hard to get me to go.

  3. onex says:

    Unfortunately, all I’ve seen around here is a Dr. Fashun who directs music : \

  4. Shags says:

    In my town, we have Dr. Doctora.
    And somewhere in Mississippi, there is an injury attorney named Chuck Norris.

  5. Kaligomalus says:

    I have a Dr. Au (pronounced “ow”)

    1. Chris says:

      I have Dr. Ha. 🙂

      1. Octothorpe says:

        And a Dr. No

  6. caffiend says:

    I went to a dentist once named Dr. Chu (pronounced ‘chew’)

  7. mamabear65 says:

    My children had a librarian named Mrs. Inkrot. I always wondered about her choosing to marry a man with the last name of Inkrot. Did she think “that would be such a cool name for a librarian” ?

  8. John Merklinghaus says:

    Good choice. He’d probably wind up barely alive if he became an astronaut.

    Too obscure?

  9. Casual reader says:

    My previous dentist was Dr Hertz

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