#493 – Geometry

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7 thoughts on “#493 – Geometry”

  1. GDA says:

    Wait! You forgot pie!
    Because… Pie are square!

    1. caffiend says:


      1. boog says:

        I think you mean ⊟□□□□□

  2. Switchlord says:

    Damn a 6 pack of beer isn’t square.. But a case is!!

  3. boog says:

    I once asked my P.E. teacher how I’m supposed to have a well-rounded diet if I eat three square meals every day. So she sent me to the principal’s office.

  4. RussellDuffer says:

    How are we supposed to eat square meals when everybody gives us round plates?

  5. kingklash says:

    Square meals? There goes my Jazz Luncheon.

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