#510 – Creative

“How did you manage such an amazing collection of scars?”

“Lots of practice when I was a kid.”

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3 thoughts on “#510 – Creative”

  1. boog says:

    Our friends’ kid is the same way, although he is actually good at chairs. Instead of the chair falling over, he’d successfully use it to climb up and stand on the counter as he goes through the overhead cupboards. I bet you never thought you’d have to childproof your overhead cupboards.

    One time he pushed the chair over to the stove while something was cooking, climbed up on the chair, and started stirring the delicious contents of the hot pan. He was about two at the time, so my wife and I were shocked to see this, but I do wish my two-year-old would make me a nice meal once in a while if I’m being honest.

  2. R2T says:

    the childs mistake was not climbing the shelves to the counter

  3. kingklash says:

    He’ll grow up to be either the world’s greatest stuntman, or professional insurance company ad model.

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