#519 – Options

I’ve had this conversation with my kid hundreds of times. He never actually wants something else. I think he just wants to feel like he is in control of his destiny.

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6 thoughts on “#519 – Options”

  1. wannabe_elf says:

    Sound a lot like my 3 year old nephew who loves peperoni pizza and decided the other day that he hated peperoni and refused t eat the frozen pizza I microwaved for him until the peperoni was iced off. And then he ate peperoni bagel bites a few days later.

  2. kingklash says:

    Then came the day he actually wanted, and ate, the eyeballs.

    1. Matthew says:

      And on that day, he will be a chinese person.

  3. Haha says:

    But some people like to eat chicken feet

  4. Eric D says:

    a stick of snails?, a grasshopper taco?, fried bull gnards?… oh geeez you never want anything to eat.

  5. ZazuYen says:

    We took our extremely finicky 6yo niece to Disneyland. On the second night we texted her parents pictures of her at a nice restaurant eating everything in sight including things her parents had said specifically she wouldn’t touch.

    “How did you get her to eat that?”
    “Starvation, she’d been refusing to eat what we had since we left.”

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