#528 – Catty

I don’t even have a cat but I know they are there. I KNOW.

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6 thoughts on “#528 – Catty”

  1. Richard F. says:

    And the real scary thing is that it is the same cat, until you collapse the wave function to find out otherwise.

  2. Falos says:

    “I swear I just heard a meow. Did I hear a meow?”
    “Yes and no.”

  3. R. E. Hunter says:

    But when you collapse the wave function, is the cat dead?

    1. Richard F. says:

      Only if you collapse the function on the cat. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict the location of the cat (because we know how fast it’s going), so it is impossible to say whether or not you will kill the cat.

  4. kingklash says:

    That’s a Schrodinger of a conundrum!

  5. Kapten-N says:

    This comic could have been made more advanced if everyone had eyetrackers. 😛

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