#87 – Lid

Probably no matter what bad weather we get someone is happy about it. The people that own a bunch of plow trucks are ecstatic when we get a foot of snow on Halloween. The ice cream truck driver loves the stretch of hot weather in February. The family of ducks love it when the neighborhood is drowning in 8 feet of water. Typical ducks.

Also, Look! It’s Biff’s 6th birthday! Woo! To celebrate all Biff books are just $6!

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3 thoughts on “#87 – Lid”

  1. kingklash says:

    And shovelsmiths are always looking forward to the National Igor Convention.

  2. Justin says:

    So can I take it that you had a nasty windstorm yesterday too?

  3. Hurgen Kanyurgen says:

    But… but hats blow off! Don’t wear a hat in wind! :/

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