#225 – Fangs

There are some bottles of soda with the “low profile” caps that I need to use my teeth to open. I’ve even changed my mind and refused to buy them at convenience stores when I’m on a road trip because they are so frustrating to open. I wonder if there is already an infomercial selling some sort of soda wrench to attack those tiny caps with.

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6 thoughts on “#225 – Fangs”

  1. PLipsig says:

    ok it’s not just me then who has problems with the new caps. I keep an old rubber glove [that I can’t use for washing dishes b/c it has a tear in it] to grip bottle tops and jar lids for opening them.

  2. kingklash says:

    There are openers for bottles like that. You fit it over the cap, push down as you turn. But Ma had a better solution: An old-fashioned nutcracker. A large, bordering on lobster-cracker size. When her arthritis would act up, she still could open her Coca-Cola.

    1. jammit says:

      Ka-Bar 1211. It’s not really a can opener, but doubles as one.

      1. kingklash says:

        “Ka-Bar!” is also a nice sound effect for when you get hit over the head with a saloon.

  3. sidehack says:

    Yesterday afternoon I was given a can of soda but one hand was full so I just bit a hole in it and started sucking soda out through the side. Good to know I didn’t think of it first.

    1. sidehack says:

      That’s how I drink soda when I want people to think I’m crazy. It’s a lot of fun biting through soda cans.

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