#273 – Puncture

I remember being really nervous about this as a kid. Sometimes I would stab the straw all the way through the back. Sometimes I would be holding it to tightly and squirt it all over. Eventually I figured out that if I was going to drink it all in one shot I would flip it over and stab the bottom.

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5 thoughts on “#273 – Puncture”

  1. kingklash says:

    When the drink pouches came out, I was jusssst on the far end of the intended demographic for them. It was the first time I thought, “Dang! Every kid after this will be so lucky to have something for real that we usually only saw in bad Sci-Fi shows set in ‘The Future’!”

  2. boog says:

    I, too, was nervous as a child of Caprisun, but due more to failed punctures than to mispunctures: if the angle of attack wasn’t precise, the pointy end of the straw would slip off the juice pouch and someone sitting near me would lose an eye.

    Lunch time was a lonely time.

  3. KiyaraSabel says:

    How about when after drinking it, you’d blow it up with air, then puncture through the bottom to make it appear full without letting the air out, and then trick someone else into thinking that you’re giving them a fresh caprisun that you’ve already fixed the straw in AND THEN THEY GOT NOTHING BUT AIR!

    I actually got in trouble for doing this to an adult one time.

    1. Voyager says:

      One of the many reasons you never accept an opened drink from anyone.

    2. m4rek says:

      Personally I’d drink it normally, drink it all, blow it up with air, place it on the ground and then stomp on it with both feet. This blows the bottom out with a loud bang. Bonus points for doing it somewhere with good acoustics, like a small enclosed room with hard surfaces – like a school bathroom.

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