#307 – Unstoppable

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Whenever I eat an apple I’m struck by how clean my teeth feel. It reminds me of those commercials showing dogs “cleaning” their teeth while eating a biscuit. Then I eat a horrible tasting apple and I’m off them for months.

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16 thoughts on “#307 – Unstoppable”

  1. Sage Harpuia says:

    I’m trying to come up with a joke involving “EXTERMINATE!”, but I got nothing. That works in the context of this, at least.

    1. Chris says:


      1. fly says:

        I am seriously impressed.

  2. wannabe_elf says:

    I need a “Whovian approved” stamp for things like this.

  3. bbo says:

    who else read that in the appropiate mind voice?

    1. Tommy says:

      My question is, “Why didn’t they come up with this before?” They could have totally gave up on the whole Pandorica scheme and instead planted tons of apple trees.

  4. kingklash says:

    Now that they overcome the Stairs Conundrum, this was the only problem left! We’re doomed!

  5. Minoke says:

    Best! Minimumble! Ever!

  6. Voyager says:

    Well, it would probably work better than most of their master plans.

  7. Manic says:

    Their creator (not Davros) died last Thursday.

    1. Chris says:

      Aww that’s sad. I met the man that wrote the first Dalek story years ago. He passed away in the late 90’s.

  8. Arjan says:

    It would be réally awesome if a writer picked up this idea for an episode 😀

  9. Falos says:

    In my experience apples don’t take long to start that unpleasant texture. Hate mealy.

  10. Gwid says:

    Apples are rubbish, I hate apples. But pears are worse.
    Given the Daleks’ new ability to levitate, I’m sure they’d appreciate a weapon to kill the Doctor.

    Cute comic, by the way. Sorry, the Whovian side of me made me comment, though I’ve not much interesting to say.


  11. Jess says:

    Any plans to do a run of kids’ sizes? I have two young Doctor Who fans who think this is *brilliant* and want one of these shirts too.

    1. Chris says:

      Good idea! It’s too late to include them in this print run but I think I’ll add that option next time. (unless you want to buy 6 of them right now *wink*)

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