#401 – Feels

“Listen I need to tell you something. It’s important.”
“What? What is it?”
“Go in the other room. I’ll txt it to you.”

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5 thoughts on “#401 – Feels”

  1. kingklash says:

    At least there isn’t a pronounciation guide for emoticons. I have enough trouble with plain old words as it is.

  2. Octothorpe says:

    Lol, this made me laugh so hard It was great 😀 😀 I can’t believe that people actually do that. ROFL

    The real me 😐

  3. Isa8el Serket says:

    I watch a video alone: •___•
    I watch a video with one friend:

    1. Isa8el Serket says:

      Dang it!! Place a LAUGHING REALLY HARD emoticon there please.

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