#452 – Sadness

I was looking right at the real ice cream. It was within reach! But somehow I turned my head at the last second and grabbed the on on the shelf below. How can I ever trust myself again?!

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6 thoughts on “#452 – Sadness”

  1. Taurin says:

    I did the same thing with Soy Milk vs Almond Milk in WAL*MART. The 1 litre Tetra┬« paks of WAL*MART’s brand Soy Milk look exacty like their Almond Milk except for the wording and the Almond Milk was in the same spot on the shelf below. I glanced away, glanced back, and grabbed a box of Almond Milk. Of course, I didn’t realise I’d actually grabbed Soy Milk until I got home. Bleah!

  2. Falos says:

    Your neighbor said he heard your dramatic yell of “I’ve been such a fool!”

    Somewhat reminded of Ronnie buying club soda:

  3. jimbobmcgee says:

    A small packet of butter in a foreign country.
    Turned out to be yeast.

    Looked like butter.
    Was in the butter section.


  4. kingklash says:

    It depends on the brand. Some sugar-frees are good. You just have to resign yourself to exploration. I don’t care for “Reduced/Low/Non-Fat” products. The texture seems to feel really off to me. Especially crackers and chips.

  5. Octothorpe says:

    One time my sister thought that this white sauce was sour cream or something like that. When she stuck a spoonful in her mouth, finding that it was hollandaise sauce.

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