#453 – Mute

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6 thoughts on “#453 – Mute”

  1. Cyndaquazy says:

    One night I was laying in bed. I was furious because my neighbor’s incessant whistling was keeping me up! Only after about 15 minutes did I realize that it was my nose whistling, not my neighbor. I was so guilty afterwards for blaming the neighbor for something that they didn’t do that I didn’t fall asleep for another 30-45 minutes.

  2. Peter Wolff says:

    Know that too. Meanwhile, I alter the frequency of my breath just to see whether it is something in my own body before listening whether a sound comes from somewhere else.

    Otoh, I have several times slowed down my car for fear of a broken wheel bearing, only to notice that the revolving frequency of my car wheels was similar to the frequency of the boom-clonk-boom-clonk music from the neighbor car.

    1. Peter Wolff says:

      P. S.: If you have experience with nearly losing control over your vehicle due to a broken ball bearing, that’s a really remarkable adrenaline surge.

  3. boog says:

    Oh, it’s just my nose…

    But wait…
    I don’t… have… a nose…

    *dun dun DUN!!*

  4. Charles says:

    Or the baby snoring. Yes, that happened to me.

  5. kingklash says:

    I had a cousin tell me how freaked out he was by passing gas loud enough to wake himself up.

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