#458 – Bursting

“Come on! I have great ideas for next year! You can buy this cool kit and grow thousands of spiders right in your own home!”

Also, I am starting a Patreon page. It’s a great way for people to help creators like me keep making you smile. Don’t worry, my comics will always be free but if you can help out, it will mean a great deal to my family. Check it out here!

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2 thoughts on “#458 – Bursting”

  1. boog says:

    I had a baby piñata when I was 10. Snickers, I named him, and every day he would wait by the window for me to come home from school. The bus would drop me off at the end of the street, and some days (when it wasn’t raining) my mom would open the door and Snickers’d come bounding out, charging down the sidewalk to me, and I’d call out to him, “Snickers! Here boy!” And we’d run around the park together and I’d throw the stick for him (he loved the stick) and when we got home I’d always feed him lots of candy. He was my best friend ever.

    The following year… well, I don’t celebrate my little brother’s birthday any more.

  2. kingklash says:

    Now, I know what I want for my next birthday!

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