#65 – Smile

I really don’t know where duck face came from. The first few times it was just sort of weird. Then it kept happening over an over. I started getting scared. I switched my computer off and haven’t used the internet since.

Also, new shirt!

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10 thoughts on “#65 – Smile”

  1. ZeoViolet says:

    Smile and say ‘carnivore’! *click*

  2. Lisa says:

    posted via potato

    1. spidercow says:

      via potato?
      either there’s something i’m missing here, or that’s a portal reference. or something else. yeah, probably something else. but portal is my favorite game so i thought i’d bring that up. i’m gonna shut up now.

  3. kingklash says:

    I like the Alien smile-inside-a-smile.

    1. Freezie43110 says:

      The surgical bills aren’t worth the Facebook photo.

  4. mophtran says:

    There’s a picture going around with a bunch of girls making duckface. Except its cutoff at the upper lip and they’re not actually making duckface. Seems to be the logical explanation of where it comes from though! Some food for thought.

  5. wannabe_elf says:

    I saw a picture of the claimed to explain where duck-face came from once. It was a series of well cropped images from porn…

  6. mophtran says:

    Yes, that’s the one I was referencing…

  7. JD says:

    Nope, predator face would be better

  8. Niha says:

    I think the “duckface” comes from a pouted lips pose…

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